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College of Education



Welcome to the Course Syllabi repository for the College of Education at Florida International University

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Welcome to the FIU College of Education Syllabi Repository


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 Course Syllabi

Folder: Previous Semesters
Folder: Summer 2016
Folder: Syllabus Fall 2016
6756 Syllabus Fall 16 in-person.docx
6848 Fall 16 on-line syllabus.docx
EEX 3066 Fall 2016 Syllabus.docx
EEX 3070 Fall 16.doc
EEX 3070 on-line Fall 2016 syllabus.docx
EEX 3764-5766 Fall 2016 Syllabus-Barbetta.docx
EEX 5767 Autism Technology Fall 2016-Barbetta.docx
EEX 6765 ONLINE syllabus Fall 2016-Barbetta.docx
Fall 2016 Hlp Syllabus.docx